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Professional-Grade Preparation and Protection

Benefit from the right products and solutions – with Lighthouse Products* and VIP* preparation and protection products.

Our comprehensive range of caulks, sealants, patch, spackling and waterproofing solutions is great for decorators, painters and construction contractors who demand top-quality, high-performance products at an excellent value.

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Seal joints and seams quickly, easily and to an excellent finish with professional-grade Lighthouse Products caulks, sealants, and patch and spackling compounds that make light work of the toughest jobs.

Caulks and Sealants

Fill gaps and create a tight, clean seal with outstanding results virtually every single time.

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Patches and Spackles

Fill holes, cracks, dents and gouges of any size, leaving an excellent, paintable finish.

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Kover Krack Elastomeric Patch

Patch small and large exterior cracks using high-performance water-based compounds.

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VIP Elastomeric Waterproofing Systems

Protect your buildings from the elements with effective, long-term VIP waterproofing solutions that offer a three-step process to seal out moisture and wind-driven rain, backed by a written warranty.

Step 1: Prime

Enhance topcoat adhesion and reduce surface porosity for outstanding protection.

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Step 2: Patch and Seal

Seal cracks, crevices and other gaps before topcoating to mitigate water penetration.

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Step 3: Topcoat

Apply a flexible, long-lasting elastomeric finish coat as your final barrier against moisture.

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