End-to-End Elastomeric Waterproofing System

Help protect your buildings from the elements

With effective, long-term VIP waterproofing solutions.

Trusted by specifiers, decorators, architects and engineers for more than half a century – the VIP waterproofing system is a complete series of premium-quality, professional-grade elastomeric waterproofing products that is compatible with a wide range of exterior substrates.

Following a three-step process from preparation and priming, to patching and sealing, to the final finish, the VIP waterproofing system can help keep out moisture and driving rain while being able to flex with the building. Whatever the project, the VIP system can deliver premium-quality weatherproofing protection.

  • Durable
  • Colorfast
  • Flexible
  • Smooth or Sand Textures
  • Tintable
  • Written Warranty Available

Browse our complete line of VIP elastomeric waterproofing products.

Step 1: Prime

VIP 1200 Clear Surface Conditioner/Primer

Step 2: Patch and Seal

VIP 5000 Series Elastomeric Patches & Sealants

Step 3: Topcoat

VIP 8100 Last-O-Coat* Smooth Elastomeric Finish Coat

Typical Spread Rate & Coverage for VIP 8000 5- & 10-Year Systems:
Spreading Rate: 10 mils DFT: 70 – 80 sq ft/gal
15 mils DFT: 45 – 55 sq ft/gal
10 mils Dry Film Thickness: Wet 20 – 24 mils Dry 10 – 12 mils
15 mils Dry Film Thickness: Wet 30 – 36 mils Dry 15 – 18 mils
Typical Spread Rate & Coverage for VIP 7000 5-Year System:
Spreading Rate: 10 mils DFT: 55 – 65 sq ft/gal
Film Thickness Wet 25 – 30 mils Dry 10 – 12 mils
Step 1: Prime

Cleaning and conditioning a concrete or stucco surface is critical in ensuring a strong bond between a waterproof topcoat and the underlying substrate. VIP masonry surface conditioners enhance the adhesion of topcoats while reducing surface porosity to enable outstanding waterproofing protection.

Step 2: Patch and Seal

Sealing cracks, crevices and other gaps in concrete or stucco surfaces is necessary before applying a waterproofing topcoat to mitigate water penetration. High-performance, VIP gun-grade elastomeric patches and sealants effectively seal a variety of joint openings, as well as non-structural cracks, to keep water out.

Step 3: Topcoat

A waterproofing topcoat is your final barrier against moisture and wind-driven rain, so the stakes are high for choosing the right materials. VIP internally plasticized, heavy-bodied elastomeric finish coats offer excellent flexibility for long-lasting protection. In addition, our Ombrella* series of water repellents features higher solids to repel water from exterior vertical masonry surfaces.

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